Gee, Thank You Kind Sir

Posted: July 24, 2013 in America, Children, Life, Men, Politics, sex, Society, women
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One of the perks to being a woman is being showered with condescending male garbage. Oops. I mean thoughtful wisdom.

Be positive. You can catch more with honey than vinegar. If you play by the rules you will get what you deserve.  Who can say no to a face like yours?

Pearls ….from the 99 Cent Store fake Barbie collection. Do men give each other this advise? Of course not. It’s crap.

If one man said that to his buddy he’d punch him, call him stupid and tell him not to speak anymore. And rightly so.  That said, I’ll try.

I am positive that men get paid more for the same jobs women do. I am positive war is a male brainchild.

I am positive that children are likely to be raised by their mothers than their fathers. I am positive Hillary is going to run a tough campaign.

More with honey than vinegar, huh? Does that mean I have to flirt or hike my skirt? Ah, yes. Always good to be the office whore.

If you play by the rules you will get what you deserve. I agree with this statement.  Result: you deserve nothing and that’s what you’ll get.

Who can say no to a face like yours? Answer: everyone, you moron! The hottest women in Hollywood have heard the word no.

And by the way, if you’re not blessed with a stellar face does that mean you’re cursed? Sadly, the answer is yes. Corporate America will pigeon-hole you.

So help us out guys. Don’t shower women with your advise. Vote for women’s issues. Blow the whistle on misogynistic assholes at work.

RESPECT us as if we were your mother, sister or daughter. Kill the time-tested tradition of cat calling! It feels like a little sexual assault, guys.

By the way, there are many men out there that know how to behave. You guys rock! Thanks.



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