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Posted: July 23, 2013 in America, Friendship, Life, Politics, Race, Society, Travel
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Is it wrong to go skinny dipping in the River Jordan on a Sunday?  Jesus was baptized there (for those who don’t know).

How about rollerblading throughout The Louvre? I know. Highly unlikely. And success would entail visiting Le Bastille.

Enough with that hemisphere. What if those ‘uppity’ foreigners came here and pissed us off?

Text like crazy during the Pledge of Allegiance at a baseball game. Or giggle through the White House tour?

What if a French tourist kept talking at a fallen soldier’s funeral in Arlington Cemetery? I can imagine the level of disgust.

What’s my point? My point is that while all the above are highly likely to offend people. It is insulting because it is disrespectful to various national prides.

Americans who demand respect from the international community must give the same respect to the international community.

I have seen Americans on TV shows complaining and whining about the lack of English speakers in Europe, Asia and Africa!

There is a universal language that is sorely missed. Humility. Many nationalities (not all) respond to it very well. It is your backstage pass to the real world.

In all my travels, I have always been kind, friendly and respectful. In return, I have been taken care of by strangers.

Every foreigner that has ever crossed my path was and is revered. I am an American ad that reads: Tell me all about yourself and ask anything of me.

  1. belsbror says:

    Well said. 🙂


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