What’s Her Name?

Posted: July 21, 2013 in America, Jokes, sex, Society
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In yet another effort to be funnier, weirder and bat shit crazy, I’ve decided to make yet another list. But this time it’s about girl names.

These are the names designed to foster the recessive spinster DNA gene or mentally incite a booty-call persona.

1. Sheila –  Exhibit 1 – http://youtu.be/wbL2lMn34Oo. Exhibit 2 No woman would leave her friend Sheila alone with her man.

2. Heather – She never buys anything and of course engages in thoughtless intercourse. And she’s a mega-bitch per the film Heathers.

3. Bertha – Instant thunder thighs,  obscene facial hair and an unholy relationship with cats.

4. Mary – What guy wants to have sex with Jesus’ mother?

5. Debbie – Need I say it? She did Dallas! You’re not a man until you’ve nailed her.

6. Martha – Just saying the name kills all boners within a 10 mile radius.

7. Beatrice – There are shipping containers that conjure more sensual feelings than this name.

8. Harriet – She’ll make a lovely accountant / loveseat.

9. Nicole – Bohemian wild child who always goes commando.

10. Nora – High in fiber, loves trash folding and watches CSPAN for fun.


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