The South

Posted: July 21, 2013 in America, Friendship, Life, Politics, Race, Religion, Society
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In the name of balance and fairness, I wish to list positives about The South. The image is of course the land of rampant racism.

What does the south have to offer? Violence, mosquitos, poverty and corruption is probably the northern answer.

Prior to my becoming permanently disabled, I scheduled workers comp patients for diagnostic imaging. I schedule all over our nation.

When talking to southern patients or doctor’s offices I found them delightful. I had to ask screening questions prior to scheduling an MRI or CT scan.

I was called a sweetheart plenty of times. I answered any questions they might have.  I sometimes had time to chat a bit.

If a storm was coming to their area, I told them to take care. If they talked about cooking, I said I’m on my way. Always got a laugh or ‘come on then’.

My southern friends almost always seemed impressed that I was bilingual and from California. I may have spoken to a bigot. Who knows?

Point is, southern charm exists. As far as infestation, corruption and poverty, It’s everywhere. New York has rats. Los Angeles has cockroaches.

Midwest has crop consuming bugs.  Corruption and poverty can be a rich man’s hallmark in any society. The South doesn’t corner this market.

You don’t have to agree with ultra-religious, pro-life, pro-gun and all Tea Party policies. The Civil War isn’t being covered on CNN either.

Has there been injustices in the south? Absolutely. Does California have a violent history? Absolutely. That said, I like all kinds of people.

I like the ones that pass out smiles as if they were flowers. Don’t paint everyone with the same brush. Especially now.

We need love, unity and open hearts. Many wonders have sprouted up from southern minds. Be grateful.


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