It Hurts

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Health, Life, Love, Society
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Everyone feels it, in varying degrees and forms. Most wish to avoid it at any cost. But that is an exercise in futility.

I’m speaking of pain. Everyone has varying thresholds of pain. Mine is very low. I am a certified wimp.

That said, I have exposed myself to a lot of pain and felt elated. How is this possible? It’s really easy.

I was monumentally sore in an effort to help others. Habitat for Humanity had me putting up insulation and drywall for a low-income family home.

Many years ago (over 25) I did a 10 K Hunger Walk and finished the course. I only made $50.00, but it felt great and I was thanked.

Any parent the loves a disabled or terminally ill child know pain and is grateful. One that gets burned saving a life from fire doesn’t mind the pain at all.

A soldier gladly dies in horrendous pain in an effort to save a life. The ones who have loved and lost are grateful for the brief love.

It may sound corny. Perhaps it is. Last night I had severe knee pain in my arthritic left knee. It still hurts, but I’m grateful I can walk a little.

There are amputees that would love to have a complete leg like mine. I must never lose sight of that, no matter how much it hurts.





  1. kirs10woods says:

    How are you doing so far? Are you suffering from arthritis? Cute background, btw. 🙂


    • coconutspeak says:

      As of this morning, it’s not too bad. Thanks for asking. I may go swimming at the ‘Y’ today.


      • kirs10woods says:

        I had osteoarthritis 5 years ago and it was on and off too. The level of pain gradually increased as months went on, so I’ve decided to have a physical therapy. Unfortunately, it didn’t work as what we expected. My joints were really swollen and I couldn’t even get off my bed, reason why my parents and I have decided for me to have stem cell therapy, just like what my aunt had to cure her patellar tendonitis. I was scheduled for 5-week treatment with my ortho surgeon, Dr Purita, and it all went well.


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