Advice For Him

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Friendship, Jokes, Love, Politics, sex, Society, women
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In my non-scientific opinion, I think there are certain things men should never say or do to women.

Unless you’re both moving to another dimension, try to avoid the following:

Don’t sleep with her on the first date. It’s tacky and dangerous.

When asked if you like what she’s wearing, tell her she would look stunningly gorgeous in anything.

When a woman tells you she loves you and you don’t, tell her you are not worthy of her love.

When you ask your girlfriend to move in with you, she most likely expects marriage within a year.

If a woman asks you out on a date. GO! It may never happen again.

Women LOVE  men that make them laugh. Sense of humor trumps looks more times than not.

When you don’t know what to say, compliment her. ‘Your stunning beauty is making me speechless.’

Hold her hand when you walk. We like to be protected.

Let her know you (family, interests, career). Do not talk politics until she brings it up.

Love notes in her car, around the house or even her workplace are priceless. Using fancy stationary is ultra-cool.

Don’t hide your problems from her. If she can’t handle it, she’s not for you.

Be absolutely sure you’re in love before you say it to her.





  1. bpshielsy says:

    Thanks for the tips. If we’re ever mugged, I’ll be sure to hold hands 😉


  2. mastermike27 says:

    Ahh teaching a men little white lies like females use so often..


  3. Out of curiosity, a few questions.
    You say don’t sleep with her on the first date, because its tacky and dangerous, but I wonder why you consider safe consensual sex between adults as tacky just because of it being the first date, and why you consider it more dangerous than other sexual activity.
    You say you want to be told you look gorgeous in everything, but isn’t honesty a sexy virtue?
    Why would you encourage men to hide their political inclinations but not their problems? Isnt it more fair to say that If she can’t handle your debilitating fear of spiders, or how you sit on the political spectrum, she’s probably not for you?


    • coconutspeak says:

      If you’ve read my blog before you would know my posts can be very tongue-in-cheek. Bang away on the first date if you want. Or be honest about your problems or political inclinations. It’s just my opinion and I’m only a bipolar blogger.


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