Thank You

Posted: July 8, 2013 in Life, Politics, Race, Society
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Thank you world! I wish to thank all my followers and readers for the hundreds of likes and comments on my blogs.

I have been blessed with accolades and contention. People that are like-minded and not have communicated with me.

I don’t need or want an international chorus of yes. I need and want the truth about our world. I hope many feel the same way.

Although I consider myself to be very liberal, I really do appreciate the conservative folks out there.

It is okay to disagree with someone and still like them. I’d rather deal with an honest bigot that feels strongly in something.

A phony person that believes in nothing is pathetic. By the way, bigots aren’t necessarily mean or nasty.

Enough about bigots. People from around the globe have responded to and/or read my blogs. This amazes me.

About one year ago, I started this blog. I just wanted to share my story, beliefs and values. Thank you all for sharing as well.

  1. bpshielsy says:

    Happy anniversary!


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