Silly Liberal Questions

Posted: July 7, 2013 in America, Politics, Race, Society
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Full disclaimer: I am a liberal socially and politically. I think Michael Moore might be a closeted Republican. Just kidding.

I’ve been looking at the George Zimmerman case pretty closely (like most Americans).  And I have a few issues.

There are a lot of elements to this case and I am not trying to addresses all of them, but some bother me.

Now I know that killing someone can be very traumatic (unless you’re a murdering narcissistic psychopath).

When a cop shoots and kills a suspect, he/she may be ordered (or go willingly) to see a shrink.

Taking a life is a big deal and can mess with your head. So why did Zimmerman show no emotion or concern for Trayvon?

Also, why didn’t he do something to save Trayvon’s life? He shot him in the chest.  That shot renders Trayvon disabled.

He could have tried to stop the bleeding by applying pressure or screaming for help. There was no urgency or stress in his voice.

Trayvon was alive for one to ten minutes after being shot per the Medical Examiner. A young boy is dying in front of him.

And he does what? Nothing. Was he not concerned that  he might die? He had no cause to be afraid of anyone with a hole in their chest!





  1. Fairly certain you banned me a while ago so this is probably in vain, but the testimony from the police and friends indicates that he was emotionally affected by the death.


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