Posted: July 7, 2013 in America, Life, Politics, Race, Society
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Alright. I just posted ‘Silly Liberal Questions’ and got a hostile response. This shouldn’t surprise me (and it doesn’t).

But it made me think about the issue I was trying to avoid. I was trying to avoid race. The elephant in the room that wants to sit on your lap.

It is easy to say that Zimmerman is a racist and racism killed Trayvon Martin. Maybe it did. I don’t know.

All I know is Trayvon died because Zimmerman shot him in his chest. That is for certain. No one disputes it.

I was trying to understand why someone would behave in such a manner. Why don’t people try to save lives rather than end it?

What happens to a person’s psyche when they have a firearm or other deadly weapon in their hands?

And is the shooter suppose to feel elated or simply lack any affect? Or does our society even care about that?

We should all care about our collective humanity. I have known many racist people in my life. I never wanted any of them to die.

And none of them ever wanted anyone else dead. Racism, bigotry, prejudice is all the same thing … imprisonment.

At some point, we should all agree that people in the United States of America have to care a lot more about LIFE .. the whole life.

We have the right to walk outside, act like a smart ass to the neighborhood watch captain and not get shot.

And if you’re losing a fist fight, you can’t shoot him in the chest. I don’t think that’s unreasonable.


  1. A responsible gun owner would’ve told you Zimmerman was probably an idiot for following Martin. We don’t want conflict; we only carry a firearm for situations when conflict is unavoidable and we can’t escape from it.


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