Bust Me Out

Posted: July 6, 2013 in Bipolar, Health, Jokes, Life
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I need to be sprung out of jail. My crime is weakness. Although, many would call it my bipolar bout or episode.

I’m in my air-conditioned home, dressed in my sleep-wear and trying to determine my knee pain level (excuse).

My goal for today was to go sign-up for the YMCA or ‘Y’ and get my toxic looking car a much-needed wash.

It’s 3 PM in Los Angeles (Dante’s Inferno), California and I am procrastinating in ways that would impress a child support dodger.

Get up, Monica! Take your shower! Do I have to? Yes, you have to take a shower! If I take a shower, can I still in? No!

Maybe I’m schizophrenic and not bipolar. Even if I was schizophrenic I still have my chores to do! Damn it! God posted my bail!

  1. I hate to say it, but on days like this I just accept that I need something other than what I’m trying to force myself to accomplish. Of course that can cause more inertia than progress, but sometimes it’s the only thing that helps me feel better. I understand the struggle that comes with feeling reclusive. Shoot, I say I’d never interact with another human being if I didn’t have to…but after about 3 days I get a little silly. And smelly. 😀

    Be kind to yourself.


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