It’s hot as hell out here in Holly-weird! For some reason, it’s bothering this L.A. born and breed girl more than usual.

I think the heat might be coming from all racist, bigoted and just plain stupid remarks being spewed by ‘celebrities’ (I use the term loosely).

Bigots and racist have been in my life since they spanked my behind in the hospital. No kidding. It was my mother.

I didn’t know it on day one, but I knew it quickly.  Los  negros huelen mal! Blacks smell bad!  My mom said it, not me.

When you’re not in preschool yet, it’s no big deal. Later on, I noticed a theme arising from some adults in my life.

I remember thinking (this is in the 70’s) a lot of grown-ups smell bad. They wore polyester, smoked (tobacco and stuff) and drank booze.

If your clothes don’t breath like cotton, it’s going to retain sweat and accumulated sweat stinks! This is how my mind worked.

I analyzed … everything. Later I found out that my mother didn’t care for Afros. My argument was simple. God made them like that.

Several years passed before she would make another racist statement. When she did, it was her last.

My abuelita (grandma) loved me but not the same way as my lighter skinned cousins. If she had only one life to save, I was screwed!

These women in my life did change. My mother is not who she was 30 years ago. And she is grateful that I helped her.

Abuelita was genuinely sweet to my black friends 20 years ago. She came to visit L.A. to attend a wedding. She’s deceased now.

Here’s what I think. All these people who drop the N-word, F****t and whatever minority euphemisms they can conjure up, punish themselves A LOT!

I once heard a Chicano say this about white bosses, call me wet-back but give me my f**king raise and insurance.

It’s not the words, it’s the power. Want to see a real racist? Politicians that try to suppress minority voting are worse than the KKK.

So when these idiots can’t say something nice, they should just suck on a lemon. It might appease their acidic nature.

Worry about the smiling, politically correct,  white people who want to keep us ‘colored folk’  in line. The 6 hour line to cast a vote!

They can call me Guadalupe under breath. Ignore me at a swank boutique.  Just let me keep my f**king vote!


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