What’s Your Word

Posted: July 3, 2013 in Children, Life, Love, Politics, Society
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As a writer, I find that certain words define not who we are but how we perceive our role in the world.

As a young girl, my words were manipulate, control and provoke. I’m not entirely sure who first used those words, but it stuck for years.

I was clearly a powerful adversary.  Who knew I had so much power before turning 10? I just couldn’t see it.

My tears, need for affection, fear of rejection drove (and to some extent still drives) me to being labeled all of the above.

But as a kid, how was I suppose to know that? In retrospect, I see the adults in my life were lost, scared and resentful.

Who says with age comes wisdom? There’s a lot of wrinkled idiots out there. Yes, I am one of them. What’s it to ya?

A few years ago, I asked my mother (a pious Christian woman) if she was always honest with me when I was a kid.

She laughed and said of course not. Wow !! So much for the 10 Commandments Christian woman!

She explained that she had to control me with lies. Christians using lies to control people! That’s crazy and unprecedented!

All who like my sarcasm raise your hand. The rest of you can shut up.  My blog. My rant.

Going back on topic, words and their roles on all of us are important to me. Words are twisted and beautiful to me.

Words foster innovation, ideas and our self imagine. Words could be a nonlethal weapon in one’s arsenal (hint, hint George Zimmerman)

It also serves as a backstage pass to free thinkers forums. Or it could be a reason to be loved.

Whether it be accurate or not, everyone can use the word student as their new springboard today. Don’t miss class!





  1. bpshielsy says:

    I think my word would be cheeky 😉


  2. coconutspeak says:

    Since I don’t wish to view your arse, I’ll take your word for it. 😉


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