Uniform Or Not

Posted: June 30, 2013 in America, Children, Life, Love, Politics, Society
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I am about to post something that is of no surprise to every man and woman serving in our military.

Our military personnel are not the only ones serving. Their parents, siblings, spouses and children are serving too.

And what do they get for their service? The answer is obvious. Not enough! Lets attempt to empathize.

Imagine losing a limb, then being told to go to work and perform the same as always.

Parents, siblings, spouses and children must pretend everything is alright without their beloved soldier day in and day out.

They have to forget where there loved one is and not ask when their loved one is coming home.

When that soldier comes home the floodgates open and an honest breath can be taken.

A million thank you’s rise up to God and two million prays that the soldier stay home follows.

God bless every last person in uniform and anyone that is a parent, sibling, spouse or child to them.



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