Posted: June 30, 2013 in Bipolar, Health, Life, Love, women
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Hells Bells! I have more issues than Playboy Magazine! But people aren’t willing to collect my issues.

Issue 1. In 27 days I turn 44! I realize that is not a milestone birthday, but I don’t like it.

People even tell me I don’t look 40. No matter. 44 sucks and that’s my final answer!

Issue 2. It’s damn hot out here! Out here is Los Angeles, California. Even as I stay in my air-conditioned house, I feel warm.

Issue 3. My left knee is screwed. I have only 4 more physical therapy sessions left unless my doctor orders more.

Still, I have no cartilage in my knee and it won’t grow back. Can we say knee replacement surgery? Where are my psychotropic pills?

I am arthritic, almost 44 and God wants to oven roast me in my discolored blue Dodge Neon!

I guess things can be a lot worse. I just felt like venting. Wait! I have my own office. I can do what I want. I am loved by family and friends.

Monica, quit your complaining and shut the hell up!


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