Super Me

Posted: June 28, 2013 in America, Children, Health, Life, Politics, Race, Society
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Okay, with all summer here and kids are free there is a demand for super hero movies.

Man of Steel, Iron Man III, Thor and all that other jazz made me do a little daydreaming.

If I could pick a super-power what would it be? What a yummy proposition! My answer would really say a lot about me.

My answer would really speak to my core values. Or I could just be completely selfish and judge the world (minus myself).

I always thought if people could really walk a mile in another man’s shoes they might change and morally grow.

So here’s my power: TABLE TURNING and it would last 30 days.

Make a GOP senator uninsured, very sick and homeless. A white racist becomes black and poor in the deep, deep south.

An NRA lobbyist becomes coroner that is forced to cut into juvenile firearm homicide and suicide cases.

I don’t know that my power would do any good, but it would be nice to have. Kind of a scared straight for grown ups.



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