Barbaric, Huh?

Posted: June 27, 2013 in America, Health, Life, Politics
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When I was a kid (30 some-odd years ago) I was tormented by my brother watching karate/martial arts movies.

It bored me to no end. The whole honor, swords, revenge, love and oh by the way we evicted gravity was too much.

That plus the dubbing was enough to make me loathe all Asians for a day or two. Now, I kind of like the idea.

The world should do away with wars. Have world leaders mix it up in good old fashion fisticuffs or sword fights, kickboxing, wrestling, karate etc.

Whatever suits you. The two rules is no projectile weapons of any kind and the loser either concedes or dies.

I know what you’re thinking. This is barbaric, right? My response is simple. Ask the V.A. how our fighting men and women are doing.

Can we say thousands of amputees, PTSD sufferers and astronomical suicide rates amongst enlisted? Barbaric huh?


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