Love. Period.

Posted: June 26, 2013 in America, Children, Life, Love, Politics, Race, sex, Society
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If you don’t know already, I’m Mexican-American, Chicana …. okay brown chick with brown eyes, hair and skin. This matters.

Just as I was hitting puberty in middle school, I fell in love (for a few weeks). He was tragically gorgeous!

He had blond hair, blue eyes and a smile that could stop a train. And he liked me! I was doomed.

Our crush, childish flirtation and hand holding while walking down the hallways didn’t last. I was completely different.

His friends and family drove the point quite effectively. Same thing happened when I fell for a black guy in high school.

Such life experiences are good because they made me into the kind of woman I am today.

I am against anything or anyone that stands in the way of  love and its inherent benefits. We have the right to be in love. Period.

Apparently the Supreme Court Justice agrees with me because DOMA was struck down today. I find it sad that it took this long.

Still, I’m so grateful it happened in my lifetime. Discrimination based on race is one thing, but sexual orientation is much tougher.




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