Techno Magic Wand

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Life, Love, Race, Religion, Society
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In the past, I have written about technological advancements  that have occurred in my lifetime.

What I withheld was finding my husband online. Late January1999, I was bored and on AOL directory.

In the middle of the night, I did a search for single, male, writer, Pasadena. My future husband was online.

I sent him a message stating I was bored and asked if he wanted to chat.  He did and for a few weeks we kept it non-romantic.

Then he asked if he could meet me on Valentine’s Day and promised it wouldn’t be romantic.  His promise was good at first.

Later on, it changed. End result is 13 years of marriage with it’s ups and downs. What a treasure!

Who knew you could find a love life on AOL? Then again, who knew you could share you thoughts, feelings and experiences with the world.

The 10 year old version of me never would have conceived the notion of sharing poetry with India or Lithuania.

And today I do share that and I find like-minded souls of all different races, religions and walks of life. I am so grateful.




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