It Doesn’t Matter

Posted: June 24, 2013 in America, Friendship, Jokes, Life, Politics, Religion, Society, women
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I’m feeling like I need to talk about my Muslim friends. My best friend Sahar is Iraqi. I knew her prior to 9/11.

Her kids went to an Islamic school is Pasadena, California. Even though terrorist had ties to Saudis and not Iraqis the kids felt the pinch.

I was in real fear for Sahar and her kids. To live with all that anti-Iraqi rhetoric all over the news from the White House and right-wing bigots really affected the kids.

At the time, a Catholic Egyptian had been murdered locally because he looked like the terrorist.

I told them that their Christian Auntie would always be there for them and I meant it. Sahar was divorced and needed her friends.

Those were hard times but we all got through it. It was then that I was invited to attend functions with other Muslim women.

What I learned was all the gifts they have to offer. I always felt weird about saying Al-salam alaykum because I wasn’t a Muslim.

By the way, it means ‘peace be upon you’ in Arabic. In the end, it didn’t matter. I was offered a heart-felt pass into their Islamic circle.

Because male entry (except for babies) was prohibited from these social get-togethers speaking openly was not only encouraged but expected.

The topics are universal. Men, kids, politics and jokes were passed around. My very religious Christian mother attended an all-female birthday party and loved it.

I am not ashamed to say that I love these ladies. I haven’t seen them in a long time since Sahar moved to upstate New York, but I know I’m still welcomed to the circle.

There is a warmth that comes from treasuring humanity and I need to blast my A/C. Al-salam alaykum everyone.


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