What If ** Please Comment**

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Children, Friendship, Life, Love, Nature, Religion, Society
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So there’s a lot of ‘end of the world’ movies, new age predictions and religious fear mongering out there. Why is that?

Humans hate to be rushed into justifying their chaotic priorities in life? Yes and Hollywood loves to remind us.

We also want control of our destiny. But we never had control to begin with. Just the illusion.

So let’s play the ‘What If’ game. Rules …. we have rules around here:

1. The bacteria killing meteor is going to end us all in one week.

2. Everything is free but there will be long lines.

3. You can’t waste your time at home crying or praying for that ‘Hail Mary’ plea for Heaven instead of the other place.

So what will you for the rest of your life? I’ll tell you what I’m going to do …. all except intimate parts.

Day 1 – I’d to go to every synagogue, mosque and church in L.A., hug all that permit me and ask God to bless them.

Day 2 – Load myself up with Vicodin and go to Disneyland all day. Just to be clear …. not California Adventure.

Day 3 – Find a way to get all my loved ones and myself to the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

Day 4 – Snorkel, fish, eat and drink whatever I want on Kauai. Also, play with kids.

Day 5 – See day 4

Day 6 – Tell all my loved ones why I love them and thank them for loving me.

Day 7 – Dress up, drink some more and thank God for all His gifts to us. I will not plead for my soul because it is in Heaven.

  1. bpshielsy says:

    Build a starship and blow up the meteor!

    Failing that…watch the the meteor zip past my starship after missing with my warhead & go ‘meh’ time to find a new home and repopulate it with mila kunis. I’ll bring my wife too to look after the kiddies.



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