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Posted: June 12, 2013 in Life, Nature, Society, women
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I recently wrote a poem titled Trade Off on my other blog http://medicatedwordzallowed.wordpress.com/.

The self-analysis was pretty comical to me.  It made me think of myself in terms of entertainment I sought and seek.

The 20 something year old version of me always conned herself into stretching boundaries. Well, maybe not always.

There was the sticky floor movie theater with $3.00 admission and $2.00 for matinée.  Candy from the 99 cent store hiding in my purse.

The ‘Dirty Diver’ (dubbed by locals) is where I hardly ever bought my own drink. This anti-chic meat market was flocked by no cover charge locals.

Furnished with beer stained sofas, questionable stools and coin-op pool tables, the ambiance was simple …. Neanderthal but hornier.

A girl knew that sex from this place would at worse produce child support dodging or at best really bad intercourse. I refused to join either party.

If all else failed I could just get wasted at home and smoke my Marlboro 100 lights on the cool concrete slab porch.

Reading my H.P. Lovecraft series and playing dominoes took my mind off of my partial poverty. Avoidance fit nicely in my rear pocket.

Today I seek information in light and dark forms. Board games, Quentin Tarantino gore, Frida Kahlo spirit and nature (preferably rude and unleashed).

Does it make me wiser or smarter? I don’t know. I know that then and now, I am peculiar. I can live with that and my stupidity.

  1. bpshielsy says:

    Better to stand out in a crowd, than to blend in like a sheep…


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