My Eyes Need A Feast

Posted: June 11, 2013 in America, Life, Nature, Travel
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So lately I’ve been watching North America series on the Discovery Channel.  Makes me think someone burrowed into my head and produced it just for me.

I am not the type to hike 10 miles or even 1 mile (unless I have to).  That said, I envy the athletic thrill seeker.

Shows like this let this gimp of a writer enjoy and marvel at the naked alien world of nature. Yes, I’m grateful.

Watching this excellent program prompted me to think about travel. Adventures I’ve been on and those I covet.

Travel for me has to be moderately comfortable and rife with wonderment. Commercial novelties don’t interest me at all.

In short, take me to a super cool location in a car, boat or helicopter. Then take me to a hangout spilling over with loud locals.

I have yet to leave my continent (except for the Hawaiian islands) and I would love to visit Ireland and Scotland.

I love history, coastal towns and rainy days. Green, green and green rolling hills appeal to me.

Tea, coffee or booze goes well with such an adventure. What stops me? About $3,000, strange right-sided roads and a right-sided steering wheel!

Fortunately, I have a quirky travel buddy who’s willing to do my bidding by next year, I hope.


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