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Hells Bells! I have more issues than Playboy Magazine! But people aren’t willing to collect my issues.

Issue 1. In 27 days I turn 44! I realize that is not a milestone birthday, but I don’t like it.

People even tell me I don’t look 40. No matter. 44 sucks and that’s my final answer!

Issue 2. It’s damn hot out here! Out here is Los Angeles, California. Even as I stay in my air-conditioned house, I feel warm.

Issue 3. My left knee is screwed. I have only 4 more physical therapy sessions left unless my doctor orders more.

Still, I have no cartilage in my knee and it won’t grow back. Can we say knee replacement surgery? Where are my psychotropic pills?

I am arthritic, almost 44 and God wants to oven roast me in my discolored blue Dodge Neon!

I guess things can be a lot worse. I just felt like venting. Wait! I have my own office. I can do what I want. I am loved by family and friends.

Monica, quit your complaining and shut the hell up!



I am about to post something that is of no surprise to every man and woman serving in our military.

Our military personnel are not the only ones serving. Their parents, siblings, spouses and children are serving too.

And what do they get for their service? The answer is obvious. Not enough! Lets attempt to empathize.

Imagine losing a limb, then being told to go to work and perform the same as always.

Parents, siblings, spouses and children must pretend everything is alright without their beloved soldier day in and day out.

They have to forget where there loved one is and not ask when their loved one is coming home.

When that soldier comes home the floodgates open and an honest breath can be taken.

A million thank you’s rise up to God and two million prays that the soldier stay home follows.

God bless every last person in uniform and anyone that is a parent, sibling, spouse or child to them.


Okay, with all summer here and kids are free there is a demand for super hero movies.

Man of Steel, Iron Man III, Thor and all that other jazz made me do a little daydreaming.

If I could pick a super-power what would it be? What a yummy proposition! My answer would really say a lot about me.

My answer would really speak to my core values. Or I could just be completely selfish and judge the world (minus myself).

I always thought if people could really walk a mile in another man’s shoes they might change and morally grow.

So here’s my power: TABLE TURNING and it would last 30 days.

Make a GOP senator uninsured, very sick and homeless. A white racist becomes black and poor in the deep, deep south.

An NRA lobbyist becomes coroner that is forced to cut into juvenile firearm homicide and suicide cases.

I don’t know that my power would do any good, but it would be nice to have. Kind of a scared straight for grown ups.


When I was a kid (30 some-odd years ago) I was tormented by my brother watching karate/martial arts movies.

It bored me to no end. The whole honor, swords, revenge, love and oh by the way we evicted gravity was too much.

That plus the dubbing was enough to make me loathe all Asians for a day or two. Now, I kind of like the idea.

The world should do away with wars. Have world leaders mix it up in good old fashion fisticuffs or sword fights, kickboxing, wrestling, karate etc.

Whatever suits you. The two rules is no projectile weapons of any kind and the loser either concedes or dies.

I know what you’re thinking. This is barbaric, right? My response is simple. Ask the V.A. how our fighting men and women are doing.

Can we say thousands of amputees, PTSD sufferers and astronomical suicide rates amongst enlisted? Barbaric huh?

If you don’t know already, I’m Mexican-American, Chicana …. okay brown chick with brown eyes, hair and skin. This matters.

Just as I was hitting puberty in middle school, I fell in love (for a few weeks). He was tragically gorgeous!

He had blond hair, blue eyes and a smile that could stop a train. And he liked me! I was doomed.

Our crush, childish flirtation and hand holding while walking down the hallways didn’t last. I was completely different.

His friends and family drove the point quite effectively. Same thing happened when I fell for a black guy in high school.

Such life experiences are good because they made me into the kind of woman I am today.

I am against anything or anyone that stands in the way of  love and its inherent benefits. We have the right to be in love. Period.

Apparently the Supreme Court Justice agrees with me because DOMA was struck down today. I find it sad that it took this long.

Still, I’m so grateful it happened in my lifetime. Discrimination based on race is one thing, but sexual orientation is much tougher.



Techno Magic Wand

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Life, Love, Race, Religion, Society
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In the past, I have written about technological advancements  that have occurred in my lifetime.

What I withheld was finding my husband online. Late January1999, I was bored and on AOL directory.

In the middle of the night, I did a search for single, male, writer, Pasadena. My future husband was online.

I sent him a message stating I was bored and asked if he wanted to chat.  He did and for a few weeks we kept it non-romantic.

Then he asked if he could meet me on Valentine’s Day and promised it wouldn’t be romantic.  His promise was good at first.

Later on, it changed. End result is 13 years of marriage with it’s ups and downs. What a treasure!

Who knew you could find a love life on AOL? Then again, who knew you could share you thoughts, feelings and experiences with the world.

The 10 year old version of me never would have conceived the notion of sharing poetry with India or Lithuania.

And today I do share that and I find like-minded souls of all different races, religions and walks of life. I am so grateful.




I’m feeling like I need to talk about my Muslim friends. My best friend Sahar is Iraqi. I knew her prior to 9/11.

Her kids went to an Islamic school is Pasadena, California. Even though terrorist had ties to Saudis and not Iraqis the kids felt the pinch.

I was in real fear for Sahar and her kids. To live with all that anti-Iraqi rhetoric all over the news from the White House and right-wing bigots really affected the kids.

At the time, a Catholic Egyptian had been murdered locally because he looked like the terrorist.

I told them that their Christian Auntie would always be there for them and I meant it. Sahar was divorced and needed her friends.

Those were hard times but we all got through it. It was then that I was invited to attend functions with other Muslim women.

What I learned was all the gifts they have to offer. I always felt weird about saying Al-salam alaykum because I wasn’t a Muslim.

By the way, it means ‘peace be upon you’ in Arabic. In the end, it didn’t matter. I was offered a heart-felt pass into their Islamic circle.

Because male entry (except for babies) was prohibited from these social get-togethers speaking openly was not only encouraged but expected.

The topics are universal. Men, kids, politics and jokes were passed around. My very religious Christian mother attended an all-female birthday party and loved it.

I am not ashamed to say that I love these ladies. I haven’t seen them in a long time since Sahar moved to upstate New York, but I know I’m still welcomed to the circle.

There is a warmth that comes from treasuring humanity and I need to blast my A/C. Al-salam alaykum everyone.