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The Hunt

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Bipolar, Life, Politics, Society
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I have been plagued with the task of finding therapist aka psychologist that takes Medicare.

I didn’t think it would be this difficult, but it is. I have a few requirements that make it tough.

I went on the medicare website. I found that most of the provider phone numbers listed are disconnected!

I must have a female therapist. See the last paragraph in my post Change published July 24, 2012 and it will explain why.

I refuse to travel over 10 miles from home. This is Los Angeles and gas is not cheap!

And lastly, I must be on the same wavelength. No New Age or read my book crap!

Is all this too much to ask for? Probably. Oh well, I am a strange bipolar bird in need of a realist shrink.

My bipolar tendencies are coming back to mess with me. For the pass week I have been on this uncool rollercoaster.

And like the 50-year-old virgin said to the hooker, I need to get off! So here I am.

I’ve been addicted to YouTube and watching female comics do stand up. It made me think of my life.

It made me think of the funny yet harsh truths about my existence. So it transformed into jokes. Enjoy, you lovely weirdos!

Things I love to say to bigots …

Who else is gonna do your dad? We take the jobs no one else wants!

We won’t betray your carne asada secret to you vegan vieja.

We make your kids bilingual so that they can run the sweat shops after college.

Imagine a world without tamales, booty and carpet munching gardeners.

The joys of hysterectomy ….

Think of it as evicting the bully from the playground.

No one will ever say, scoot down to the edge, again.

You can give your kids the unused tampons to construct a tampon cabin.

Your pads are super absorbent. Great for wiping up the red wine, emergency diaper and car washing.

Now you can date that 12 incher! Senor Cervix has been deported.

Run through the flowery meadows in a cotton dress like in the those damn tampon commercials!