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I realize I have been away for a while. Please forgive me loyal followers. Events have been unfolding in my life and the world.

As far as my life, beloved individuals that were taken from me over 25 years ago are now present in my life.

Reasons for our separation isn’t important. The fact that I have access to them now matters most. My heart is happy.

Love, kindness and bravery were gifted to me by my spirit big brother. I’m truly thankful.

Friendship and kindness were offered and received by my two sisters in Christ. God bless them all and their offspring.


As far as the world, there is pain, suffering, hatred and war. This isn’t new. It will always be around. Sad but true.

That said, I look to myself and others in my life in search of commonalities. Basic things that make up who we are as people.

Most people are kind, compassionate, respectful and mind their own business.


And then there’s the ones who are not. The Westboro Baptist Church with their stupid signs and their blameless targets.

Never in my life have I ever heard of protesting funerals of dead children and soldiers.  Apparently, they’re insane and/or evil.

According to them, God hates gay people (won’t use the other word), the USA, the media, Hollywood, soldiers, children.

So God is hate monger? Wow! What’s next? God hates the world and/or The Bible?


There is no remedy for their hatred. They hate everyone, maybe even themselves. Churches, I thought, minister to their flock.

How many WBC members are alcoholics, unemployed, abused or homicidal? Probably a lot.

But their leaders are probably too blind with hatred to care. And who cares for the children they have?


I’ve seen the agents of bigotry, ignorance, violence and rage in my life. They had a basic thug slang and uniform for the most part.

But these guys have the nerve to call themselves a church! Talk about blasphemy!

If the Supreme Court rules that same-sex marriages are legal, the WBC is going to implode. Cross them fingers!