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Real Love – Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted: February 14, 2013 in Friendship, Life, Love, Society

World, please Love

The unnamed, find Recognition

The angry, seek Solace

Poor sad swim in overflowing Joy

Dear Kind, find many looks of Kindness

May the lonely be housed by good Friends



Slowly but surely I am coming out of my post-op hell. I have left my home three (maybe four) times.

Each outing requires a bit of ache and/or pain. Still, I think it’s worth it. Cabin fever equals depression.

I have also been writing my poems on

That matters a lot to me. Monica The Writer trumps Monica The Patient every time.

In two days (Valentine’s Day), I celebrate my 13th wedding anniversary. I must be a lot better by then.

Pain meds will definitely be taken and I must be as attractive as possible. My husband says I am already.

But I am like most women, skeptical of men’s opinions on beauty. Still, it’s nice to hear.

Monica The Patient

Posted: February 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Diamonds are made via time and pressure. If this is the case, then I should be the Hope Diamond!

Okay, maybe just a tiny cubic zirconia. Point is, I miss driving, feeling normal and okay my sense of wholeness.

I am under complete bed rest at least 2 more weeks. Fun, right? Color me cabin fever!

And Valentine’s Day is my 13th wedding anniversary. I’d like to my husband something.

That’s it for Monica The Patient!