This Patient Is … Not

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Friendship, Life, Love, Society, women
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Altered, adjusted, hollowed out. That’s me. I guess that’s me. Maybe it’s who I am today.

Four days ago I got my hysterectomy. Today, my abdominal muscles loathe me.

Every single movement hurts like the devil. Before this, I thought I knew what fatigue was. I didn’t.

Sleep a little pointless sleep. Then move a bit more because it hurts, but you control it.

It’s insane to those from non-surgical realities. For me it’s a prison.

I am so off on several levels. I feel stupid, uneasy and scatterbrain. My memory is unreliable at best.

What is the upside? Love. Lots of love from husband, family and friends.

Everything is brought to me. I want for nothing but the eviction of pain.

I even got 2 dozen roses from sweethearted friend. Still, I want to recover.



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