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Posted: January 6, 2013 in America, Life, Society
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I’m in the mood for a gastro-philosophic discussion. Sounds interesting, right? Okay, plain English. What kind of donut are you?

As my husband and I were purchasing donuts last night at 1:00 am, I noticed I was married to a ‘plain donut’ kinda guy.

Almost 14 years together and this is the first time I’ve noticed! Terrible, right? Anyway, I also noticed he also picked jelly donuts and an apple fritter.

In contrast, I picked maple and chocolate bars, coconut donut (yes, I see the irony) and glazed w/nuts (yes, because I’m nuts).

Just to let you know, we practically never go out for donuts. So no preachy comments please.

So here’s my theory (based on news, rumors and speculation) about some public figures’ donut orientation:

1. President Obama – Fresh fluffy pristine glazed donut. It’s sensible, indulgent and of high quality.

2. Kathy Griffin – Rainbow sprinkles of course. She’ll cut off one bite and toss the rest to her gays.

3. Donald Trump – (in Trump voice) I will only consume a donut made of gold from Harry Winston or Tiffany’s.

4. Michael Moore – Jelly Donut all the way! Always looking for the goo inside.

5. Lady Gaga – Donut bra made of glazed, maple bar, rainbow sprinkles. She’ll wear it not eat it.

6. Simon Cowell – 1/2 plain donut so that he can fit into his black plain shirts.

7. Courtney Love – Anything she can dunk into her vodka.  My guess is donut holes (her band is called Hole by the way).

Now I want to what kind of donut you are and why. Please indulge me. I am desperate for some comic relief.

  1. I’m a cream filled doughnut (aka Long John…not that gross Bavarian Cream or Boston Cream…the white fluffy delicious kind) because I’m ok on the outside, but what’s inside is twice as good.


  2. I’m the kind that’s filled with love, or atleast I hope and just goo…LOL!


  3. Adam S says:

    Rosie O’Donnell: All donuts


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