Christmas Is Over

Posted: December 26, 2012 in Life, Love, Religion, Society
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Christmas 2012 is over. Wrapping paper, ribbons and tape left in the wake of gift giving.

All the family laughter, Christmas tree gazing and various versions of A Christmas Carol are done til next year.

How do I feel? I feel happy, tired and just a bit sad. I feel my body slowing down, but my mind and heart are young.

I refuse to let that part me go. I refuse to be a Latina Scrooge. I’d rather be a Latina Fezziwig.

Above all else, I’m grateful for my flannel pajamas, Christmas tree, throw blanket and super comfortable sectional sofa.

All these elements bring me to place of love, warmth and peace. I hope everyone can have that.

2013 …. I await your robust arrival!


  1. syrbal says:

    Of course, my holiday was sooner…on the 21st. It was a somewhat solemn subdued affair…with relationships in flux here. But it was pleasant and warm, and everyone was surprised by something they got. It provided enough energy for new impetus forward, yes, into the new year.


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