I Would Rather Live

Posted: December 17, 2012 in America, Children, Life, Love, Politics, Religion, Society
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My torrent of tears laced with blinding anger is receding. I have no more heart or head for debate.

I need to watch the beautiful silliness of children. I need to breathe in chill breezes from parks.

I need to hold every child I know, very close to my heart. I need the blessings of humanity to restore me.

The random children I come across get my friendly words and silly faces. Their parents get my compliments.

In simply existing and being in my presence, little ones bring my heart to home. I wish this for all who need it.

No more debates, screams and fighting, you ax grinders.  I’d rather live with life-affirming children and Christ in my heart.



  1. its the innocense. somehow, watching them learn and play, with hope still blatantly evident, it reminds you to be a child, throw out the synicism, hate for what you know, and be that open to knew adventure. And Jesus likes you best this way too, for the world is a harsh place and HE loves to see you trusting Him and letting him Be. take care, sweety, and have a PEACE FILLED MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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