I Would Rather Die Without A Gun

Posted: December 15, 2012 in America, Bipolar, Life, Politics, Religion, Society
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Here’s a list of people who can get firearms. If you can get even a pistol, you can kill more than one person in less than a minute.

1. Alcoholics – What if he loses his job or his house or gets humiliated by someone

2. Undiagnosed mentally ill – these people are everywhere. I will be the first to admit that I, as a bipolar, don’t want a gun in my house

3. Abusive adults and their punching bags – As a survivor of child abuse, I can tell you that if I had a gun I would have killed my abuser

4. Drunk hunters – everyone knows that beer and hunting go hand in hand in way too many places.

5. Drug addicts – If undiagnosed and desperate to get a fix or in an altered state these people can be dangerous

6. Victims of bullying – not just kids, adults get it too and they can snap

There are lots of people who have no criminal record or psychological record but fall into these categories.

I am not saying this will end violent crimes, but firearms are designed to kill quickly and in multiples.

And why do we need firearms? Because we’re afraid that someone can hurt us? Trust in God to protect you!

Well someone can hurt you. It’s the guy next door who invited you to come over to eat BBQ and have a beer.

He snapped because he lost his job of 20 years to a snot nose infant fresh out of college.

  1. coconutspeak says:

    Cars are not specficly designed to kill. Chances of surviving a car accident are far greater than being shot! Firearms ARE designed to kill. It goes through flesh, bone, organs in 1 to 2 seconds. And it can be fired over and over in no time at all.


  2. Firearms are not designed to kill. Firearms are designed to release a mechanical part (hammer, or striker) by outside interaction (read: a person intentionally or unintentionally causes the firearm to function) and absorb recoil. Period.
    INTENT is what is important, not availability or capability. You’re still missing the point: HE. BROKE. THE. LAW. What makes you think that if you outlaw certain features or weapons that he won’t be able to get them?
    Three things stop an active shooter (such as the man who murdered the children in CT): another shooter, such as an armed citizen, a catastrophic firearm malfunction, or a loss of targets, such as when he’s killed them all. In all of the mass shootings that have occurred, only one of those three occurred. Columbine: ran out of targets. Va Tech: ran out of targets. Church shootings: armed citizens intervened.
    The biggest mass murder in American history was conducted using box cutters and aircraft. Should we get rid of those?
    I’m sure Jews during World War II agree with you that only the government should have guns. They’d never do anything bad.


    • syrbal says:

      What a bunch of semantic crap.


      • Nothing I said was factually inaccurate. Without the required interaction from a human, the firearm can’t load itself to even be in a condition to fire, either through continued human interaction or mechanical malfunction. Laws list unacceptable conduct and consequences; they don’t physically stop a person from doing anything. Examples of why “guns are bad, m’kay?” are being thrown out there while forgetting they are one of the smallest causes of death in this country but for some reason, despite the fact that it is a Constitutional Right to bear arms, more laws need to be created to restrict law-abiding citizens instead of allowing them to defend themselves from those who don’t follow the laws. Gun control is about as useful as cocaine control, because I believe we’ve already established that cocaine use is still rampant in the United States, in addition to the host of other controlled substances.


        • syrbal says:

          Nothing you said was remotely humanly true either. Frankly? I find you beneath contempt for your resolute defense of the cause of such misery by such means.

          I would like to see you spew that bullshit to the parents of the 20 dead children.


  3. coconutspeak says:

    Are you comparing OUR government with Nazi Germany? If you really think that it is even possible then why even be here? Why not just go to some island nation where you can stockpile your guns and ammo. Maybe then you’ll be feel safe. I prefer to think the best not the worse of people. I have been in the presence of gang members, ex-cons and drug addicts. None of them wanted to hurt me, because I treated them like human beings. I believe in the protection of God and Christ. if one day my brains get blown away, it was God’s will and I’m going to a better place. Hundreds of countries exist without their citizens relying on firearms. Is crime going to go away? Probably not, but the fact remains that thousands of deaths occur because of them. You want to defuse a bomb with another bomb! Here’s a thought, let ge rid of the bombs!


  4. Do a google search on police brutality. The Fed doesn’t have to do anything, it already occurs on the local level daily. According to one of your last posts, it just did with black voter suppression efforts.
    It’s funny that you mention the second to last sentence, because a lesson learned in Explosive Ordnance Disposal is that sometimes the best method to dispose of another bomb is a bomb.
    You’re missing the point entirely: there will always be conflict, and you’re wanting to keep everybody on even ground. You don’t have a grasp for how people are targeted-they aren’t targeted because they are perceived to be able to defend themselves. They are targeted because the criminal believes that they stand the best chance of doing what they want to do with minimal resistance. Did you ever consider that the invention of the firearm was God and Christ’s way of protecting you, and you’ve just been too close-minded to listen?
    How is a woman laying raped and dead on the ground morally superior to her standing over the dead man who was about to rape her, but she shot him instead? You’re saying “let’s get rid of the guns and we don’t have to worry about it!” but you still have not addressed the successes or failures of efforts to do the same thing with other items. Heroin, cocaine, marijuana. If we can’t even get those “off the streets”, what makes you think we’re going to get guns off the streets and with all the violence surrounding narco-trafficking and narco-terrorism, what makes you think we should? Are you aware that the reason the Oregon mall shooter stopped shooting earlier last week is because AN ARMED CITIZEN threatened him?

    Last comment: the 2nd Amendment. It doesn’t matter how scared it makes you feel, the founding fathers thought we should be able to defend ourselves, be armed and trained on par with the military, and that right not be infringed. Nowhere in there does it say firearms should be restricted based on hunting or legitimate sporting. If you can say what you want, I can own what I want.

    You can think the best of people all you want. The term for you is “sheep”. I’ll continue to see the possible worst in people; the term for me is “sheepdog”. Stay in your herd and enjoy your life; if you let a wolf in sheep’s clothing get close to you, that’s your problem for not being more careful.


  5. […] by means of gunfire has been crazy-making in the extreme. But the following quoted comment from this blog was a new […]


  6. coconutspeak says:

    God and Christ don’t make weapons of destruction! Man does! And the founding fathers left a way for us to ‘amend’ or erradicate ammendments because times change and so does civilization. And by the way, voter suppression was done by political groups not the government! And knives don’t kill multiple people in seconds. Why would any citizen need a clip with more than 10 rounds in it? Too lazy to reload on your hunting trip? No, you don’t want your victims to have a moment to get away! Why don’t you share your theories with the family members of 20 dead babies and see if their on your side.


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