I Am So Damn Tired

Posted: December 14, 2012 in America, Children, Life, Politics, Society
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Like countless others, I am tired. I am tired of children dying. I am tired of political fogs draping their caskets.

I am tired of homicidal psychotics getting access to mass killing weapons. How many more kids have to die?

How many more funerals must this country attend? How many more shuck and jive debates must we listen to before action is taken?

Is the NRA threatening to kill politicians if they don’t toe the line or something? If so, arrest them!

Assault weapons should be in the hands of law enforcement and military only, period! No country in the world kills like we do.

Do we really want that distinction? And if you think our current gun policy prevents crime, you’re as crazy as that child killer.

Check out this list and tell me when will it end.


  1. I don’t see how anybody was killed in the areas mentioned in the links, because having a firearm in those areas is illegal and murder is illegal, so your position is illogical.
    If you think that the presence of firearms causes or increases firearms, how do you explain the vastly larger number of deaths from other means of homicide? Do you think not having a firearm would stop someone from murdering another? I wonder what Kaylee Anthony would say about that?


    • coconutspeak says:

      Today 20 chidren and 6 adults committed the unthinkable sin of showing up to school/work and they were SLAUGHTERED by a ‘law abiding’ guy armed with 1 pistol and 2 assault weapons. Show a little reverence, humility or do youy wanna tell me it didn’t happen? In the name of God, I want all these killings to STOP!!


      • I want them to stop too, we need to abolish “gun free zones” and let people carry where they want. Why do you think there was a mass shooting on a military base? A military base, where anybody wearing a uniform has qualified with at least a pistol? Because only the police force is allowed to be armed.
        From what I read he went there with 2 pistols and a .223 caliber rifle. By the way, an “Assault Weapon” is not what you think; they’re regulated under the National Firearms Act and are select fire weapons (read: can fire more than one round per pull of the trigger). Semi-automatic does not qualify as assault weapon, neither does a large magazine capacity. Also by the way, the shooter stole the firearms, and he was too young to own pistols—I’m not sure he cared about any laws since he was intent on killing.
        In Israel the teachers are arms and you don’t hear about mass shootings there, now do you. What does that tell you? They live surrounded by people in countries that would LOVE to have the opportunity to to that.
        This preoccupation with “OMG firearms are the devil, get them off the streets, they’re responsible for crime and death!” here in America. Gun control has been enacted in Germany, Russia, Guatemala, Mexico, and many others. In Germany the Jews were slaughtered because they had no way to defend themselves from the government. In Russia political dissidents were slaughtered because they have no way to defend themselves from the government. In Mexico civilians, public servants, military and federal police are slaughtered because they have no way to protect themselves from the narco-terrorist cartels.
        Additionally, let’s look at 3 bastions of gun control: California, Illinois and New York. All three of them have higher murder rates, and higher murder-by-firearm rates than my state, Virginia, and they’re the 3 most firearm-restrictive states in the country. How do you answer that?
        The 2nd Amendment isn’t there for “hunting”, it isn’t there for “legitimate sporting” use, it is there for the people to protect themselves from each other and from an oppressive government. That requirement was just validated in Libya and is being validated in Syria. If gun control was enacted in those areas, how would they ever shirk the chains of oppression? Vote it out? I think not.


      • By the way, I carry a 9mm pistol with a high capacity magazine in a holster on my hip, uncovered. Twice in one year it saved me from being killed by the local “thug life”, one time my oldest son was with me. Would you take that ability to defend myself and my child away from me? If the police and military need it, the people should be able to obtain it.


  2. codymcdevitt says:

    Completely agree. Well said.


  3. coconutspeak says:

    Again, no nation in the world has higher death rate by guns than the ours. More guns are not the solution. By the way Pillar, you’re bipolar. You have no business owning any firearm. Shame on you.


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