Oh, Yes She Is

Posted: November 30, 2012 in America, Children, Life, Love, Men, sex, Society, women
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Okay. This married lady is going to tell guys why they shouldn’t live with a girlfriend or marry her. I doesn’t pertain to all women, but it does to some.

1. Don’t move in or marry her if you think it will make her happy. She is responsible for her own happiness, not you.

2. Don’t move in to save money on rent and utilities. What if she’s a slob or drives you crazy with her bad habits and girlie invasion of the bathroom?

3. If she pays for everything in cash, it means she has bad credit and no checking account. Do not live with or marry her, she’s immature.

4. If she wants to live with you after knowing you less than 6 months, don’t do it. She wants to be kept.

5. If you’re on again, off again all the time, living with or marrying her won’t stop the merry-go-round. It will speed it up.

6. If she’s pregnant, start paying her child support before the baby arrives. 10% of your income is a good start and always pay her in checks (to keep record).  Make a fair assessment of your relationship prior to playing house. Good parents aren’t always good spouses.

  1. We [i.e., a married couple with a kid] pay for [almost] everything in cash, because we think credit cards are traps and irresponsible. If you have enough money to buy something, buy it. If you don’t, don’t. But certainly don’t put it on credit!

    We also agreed on this, and each of us practiced it, before we met and married.


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