Posted: November 28, 2012 in Children, Life, Love, women
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Scenario: Wife and mother of three boys ages 5, 6 and 7 in a divorce settlement meeting with her husband.

Wife: You can have the house, cars, savings and the timeshare in Hawaii. I will ask for no alimony as well. Just one thing.

Our three screaming, vomiting, ADHD boys are going with you. Here’s their meds, schedules, phone numbers and emails to teachers and doctors.

Remember lover, you’re smarter than me and wished you had my job.

Husband: What kind of mother abandons her children?

Wife: The kind that needs a break and is in negotiations.

  1. AB says:

    I think that ADHD would make more sense for that story, my son has ADD and it only makes him distracted. Add the H for hyperactivity and have three kids with it, then wow, that would be crazy. One kid with ADHD makes a friend of mine crazy. Was this is true story?


  2. syrbal says:

    LOL…I said similar words to my husband once, except for the negative comments about the children. It was a wake up call he desperately needed. Course…I’m thinking of searching for a very large gong as he needs one rather routinely….


    • coconutspeak says:

      This is just a story I had in my head about how unappreciated a mother’s job can be.


      • syrbal says:

        I married a man locked into the 1950’s by his own childhood traumas in that age. Me? Also a Boomer Babe….but I emerged kicking ass and taking names, fighting the gender-crap.

        Most women don’t trust husbands enough to give them children; nor, actually do I. But it scared him enough to think clearly for a while, lol.


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