I was thinking of things I want for my friends, family, writers, bloggers and anyone that feels depressed or oppressed. I guess you can call it a wish list.

1. May everyone be blessed with laughter, humor and joy.

2. I wish everyone be endowed with the courage to change for the better.

3. Death is a certainty. I hope that when death comes you are surrounded by love and tenderness.

4. I hope for the end of all types of suffering. It is man’s cruelest disease.

5. I wish that all the hate mongers, bigots and evil-doers of the world find peace, love and humanity.

6. I wish that all Christians begin to act like Christians. We need to walk in the spirit of Christ and leave the judging up to God.

7. I wish that all children be loved, cherished, protected and taught the beauty of knowledge.

In spight of everything, I love the world with her multitude of races, religions, cultures and traditions. I am blessed to be a member of such a world.

  1. Kukogho Samson says:

    Amen…i like this.


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