Allergic To Peace

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Life, Politics, Race
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I was thinking about peace and happiness this morning. Both are things that most people strive for. I say most instead of all for a reason.

There is a saying that goes like this, I prefer the devil I know to the angel I don’t. I think this applies to people, politics and rulers.

There are people in the world that fear peace. Why do they fear it? Here’s my theory, for what it’s worth. In the absence of war, leaders will have to address social and civic issues.

Why do we not have decent healthcare? It is 2012 and we still have electricity for only part of the day, why is this? How do we feed or educate our children?

Tyrannical rulers bent on battlefield or guerrilla warfare don’t want to deal with such mundane, bureaucratic issues. Some of them are illiterate and cruelty suits them.

How easy is it to go from being rewarded for killing people to going to a peaceful home life? There are nations that have been warring for decades. War can clearly be addictive.

When a man who beats his wife and/or kids seeks treatment, he must first address the core of his aggressive, hateful feelings. That can be a very scary place.

Justification! War mongers, bullies, tyrants and anyone who thrives on chaos has a built-in excuse for their barbarity. As long as there is a reason, they aren’t monsters.

I refuse to name nations, ethnic groups or anyone in particular who may fit the aforementioned descriptions. The truth is, I think a vast number of culprits  would apply.

Humans are the only species on earth that take pleasure, pride and satisfaction in killing each other.  This is just where my brain is at for the moment.


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