No Guns, No Knives – Just A Bit Of Payback

Posted: November 19, 2012 in America, Life, Politics, Race, sex
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Do you ever wish that some people could engage in hand to hand combat. Civility, of course, forbids such brutish behavior. This is me dipping my toe into uncivilized waters.

1. Edward R Murrow (in his prime) versus Rupert Murdock in a cage match. Yummy!

2. President Lincoln Versus John Wilkes Booth in a bar room brawl. My money is on Abe.

3. President Obama versus Donald ‘duck’ Trump in a street fight on the south side of Chicago!

4. Hillary Clinton versus Sarah Palin in a good ol’ fashion cat fight.

5. Benjamin Netanyahu versus Khaled Meshaal (current Hamas leader) need to meet in New York City and throw down in Central Park.

6. Michael Moore versus Grover Norquist in a no holds barred wrestling match!

7. Medgar Evers versus Byron De La Beckwith duking it out like real men.

8. Rachael Maddow versus Ann Coulter in a mud wrestling match.

9. Madonna versus Lady GaGa in oil and on a tarp!

10. All of the now adult victims of Jerry Sandusky should individually get 5 minutes alone with him in a windowless room.


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