Posted: November 19, 2012 in America, Children, Life, sex
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I really want to know what people think is right. Is tanning til your skin is orange leather right? Is plastic surgery on teenagers right? Is a teenager shopping at Victoria Secrets right?

Take a look at these toddlers before you answer. Which little girl is likely to have the aforementioned issues?

  1. Those photos look EXTREMELY touched up, but I get your point: the media has created the concept of an “ideal woman” that girls believe they MUST conform to. I think what they’ve done, which extends to many more issues than just this, is value conformance over individualism; they’ve tried so hard to find “perfection” that they’ve forgotten what is so wonderful about imperfection. The perceived “imperfections” are what makes people and things unique, and the media has a skewed vision of what men really like.


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