Feel Good Labor

Posted: November 19, 2012 in America, Friendship, Life, Love, Nature, sex, Society, women
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A few ways of working out and being happy in the end. If you have more ideas, please let me know.

1. You and your spouse alone …. you fill in the blanks.

2. Join a Habitat For Humanity crew for a day or two. I put up drywall and did insulation. It was awesome and exhausting!

3. Volunteer at a food bank or homeless shelter. The kind looks you give will come back ten fold.

4. Walk or run a charity fundraising marathon. Your cause will drive you to the finish line.

5. Go to a park or beach and play with kids, your dog, your spouse or even strangers (if they let you).

6. Dance in your living room or at a club. You don’t have to dance well, just move.

7. Remove the clutter in your house and donate the non-junk to charity.

8. Walk around your neighborhood and say hello to your neighbors. This is good for the soul and your community.

9. Offer to help anyone to move to a new residence. Packing and moving is hard work and people appreciate that.

10. If possible, work with the Red Cross, FEMA or any disaster relief organization. They could use the help.


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