Blue Trunks

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Friendship, Life, Men, Nature, sex, Travel, Uncategorized, women
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So, I’m back from my road trip with my mother and sister Carmen. Did we bond? We’re Latina women, of course we bonded. Only one minor spat and it was over  quickly.

We (mostly me) drove up the coast from Los Angeles to the Monterey Bay area, aka John Steinbeck country. We stopped in charming coastal towns along the way.

We visited Hearst Castle, an elephant seal sanctuary and a monarch butterfly sanctuary. The weather was great. The locals were fun, down to earth and sincere.

Although all these aspects of the trip are awesome, the best part had to do with Carmen. In case you don’t know, Carmen is legally blind and a little bit slow due to brain injury.

The last night of our trip, we stayed in Seaside, CA. The hotel had an indoor pool and Carmen was the only one that had a swimsuit. Carmen asked that we go with her.

She wanted us to hang around the pool while she swam. My mother and I had no interest because we wanted to watch TV. We told her to go by herself.

This really upset her for some reason. I went as far as escorting her to the pool and returned to the room. She didn’t show up til 20 minutes after the pool closed.

She showered and went to bed without a word. After breakfast and checking out of the hotel, Carmen told us what happened the night before and I was amazed.

Apparently, she met someone. She did some laps and then went to the jacuzzi where a handsome businessman had a nice long conversation with her.

From what Carmen was describing, he sounds like he’s in finance or accounting. He said that his job is the most boring job in the world! Carmen got a kick out of that.

He told Carmen that he stayed in the hotel every 3 weeks. I asked Carmen if she flirted and she said he was cute. My mother and I couldn’t stop laughing!

My mother said, aren’t you glad we weren’t there? I asked Carmen what he looked like and she said he had blue trunks!

  1. Doris says:

    Great pictures! I am glad you went to the trip, Carmen is funny.


  2. syrbal says:

    I love the Monterey area….lived there twice for almost a year each time, once while attending the Army’s Defense Language Institute, and once while my husband attended. My favorite Chinese restaurant used to be in Seaside — in an old Pizza Hut building! And I went to the fruit markets there all summer.


  3. coconutspeak says:

    By the way, my mother is 67 years old and Carmen is 42 years old.


  4. danimora22 says:

    I went to Hearts Castle too. It’s beautiful. I enjoyed your story. It’s funny indeed. I’m always amazed by people that had had a tough time in life or have a complicated situation and yet they find joy in life. I’m glad your sister met this man and had a nice conversation, really.



  5. danimora22 says:

    *I ment “Hearst” XD


  6. danimora22 says:

    Hahaha mistake after mistake,
    isn’t funny?

    I meant “meant” when I said “I ment ‘Hearst'” XD


  7. Loved the video, the pics were beautiful. Glad you ladies enjoyed yourselves and each other. family is beautiful. Love in action- keep on loving!


  8. coconutspeak says:

    Amen my sister in Christ!


  9. thats hysterical! laughed out loud. tell her I said “You go girl”!


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