Being Rich, Sort Of

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Children, Life, Nature, Travel, Uncategorized
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When I started this blog (my first) I wanted to write about events that molded me into who I am. Some of those things were positive, others negative.

What I find amazing about my life are the brief occasions when I came into contact with extraordinary people. Also, my impoverished status in life during these intersections.

Even though we were in fact poor, my mother exposed us to museums, classical music, opera, libraries and cultural events. My mother taught me how to speak to anyone.

I was refered to as ‘classy’ at the young age of 7. I’m not sure who was the first to label me classy, but it didn’t matter. I knew how to shake hands with men and women.

I knew how and when to speak properly. I was an expert at introductions, good posture, manners and being all around delightful. My brother’s world called for it.

Esteban belonged to the California Boys Choir and he was a soloist. The choir toured throughout the U.S. and Canada. Boys from wealthy families sang in the choir, including Lenny Kravitz.

The choir also occasionally worked with a British musical director centered in London, of course. With all the pomp and circumstance around, I had to learn to fit in.

I learned wealthy people looked, smelled and carried themselves beautifully. It was later in life, that I learned all people (rich or poor) could be awful or lovely.

When I think of classical music lovers now, I imagine a small coqueta Latina smiling among them.


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