The Soul Of America

Posted: November 7, 2012 in America, Life, Love, Men, Nature, Politics, Race, Society, women
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I’m feeling relief, not joy. I’m relieved that I have a president in the White House that doesn’t want Roe V Wade repealed. I’m relieved that Tea Party agendas aren’t American agendas.

I’m glad my president knows not to celebrate too much, because he has work to do tomorrow. He told us. We all have work to do. The list is too damn long.

Here’s how we start. Establish a national standard electronic voting method and make it a federal crime to tamper with it in any way.  3 to 4 hours to vote is a damn shame!

I’m too tired to go on. There are so many things we need to work on. We …. as in all of us. I don’t hate Republicans/Conservatives. I just don’t always agree with them.

If someone is in trouble and needs my help, I don’t ask which party they belong to. I help them and I’m sure Republicans/Conservatives behave the same way.

I know that scenario played out for everyone effected by Sandy. It happened with Katrina and 9/11. Americans will take care of their neighbors, friends and even strangers.

I’m very proud of that. That is what makes America great, the soul of her people!


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