Vote Or Else

Posted: November 6, 2012 in America, Life, Men, Politics, Race, Religion, sex, Society, women
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Today is Election Day, as everyone knows. I think it’s important to note what can happen if you are an eligible voter and don’t vote. Just something to ponder.

1. Constipation may plague you, because your ideology is backed up.

2. Guys, you will miss out on civic-minded sex. Face it, liberal women are hot and adventurous!

3. Single ladies, don’t miss out on meeting a young, suit donning, employed conservative at the polls?

4. No yuppie bar or club will allow you to enter without your ‘I voted’ sticker.

5. Everyone that knows you didn’t vote will either call you a racist or anti-Mormon.

6. You will not be invited to election day parties. And you know you love a good dip!

7. You will be riddled with guilt when your mother lectures you about not voting.

7. You will have no right to complain about political and/or social issues because you were too lazy too officially voice your opinion.


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