Posted: October 25, 2012 in Bipolar, poetry, Politics, Society
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For the past few days, I’ve been writing a lot of poems and posting them on my other blog I get lots of ‘likes’ off them.

Sometimes, I can’t imagine why people like them. I do rewrites the way most people breathe. That said, it is this blog that causes the most anxiety.

I fear that I am too preachy or simplistic. I’m trying to stay away from politics, because I got into a heated argument with a follower. Although, this is an important issue to me.

Intellectually, I know that these are manifestations of my mental illness. It doesn’t make me feel any better.  Yesterday and the day before, I slept, cried and did little to nothing.

Even as I sit before my drug dealer aka my pc, I am judging myself and all that I write. I have tasks that need to be done today and I’m dreading the prospect of leaving my home.

All words of encouragement are needed and appreciated.

  1. Doris says:

    I press the “like” button because you are writing in the voice of other people as well with your inner voice, it is good stuff, through the day you poetry makes me think. That makes you a great poet and sometimes we do not want to think :), especially me haha. We all feel the way you do (I know you are by-polar and you feel it 100 times more) but we all have bad days and good days. I think it is helping you, even if you think is not it is. I feel that my blog has help me in many ways I talking to people that would never though from all over the world and never would of posted my poetry is been there for years. Take baby steps to your new life because that is what you are doing, this blog is helping you Amiga.

    About politics this is a free country if someone does not like it, he can go to another blog, even if he or she is a follower.

    Cheer up, look at what you have, a wonderful husband, you are alive, some people with disabilities would love to have your body, or have of the things you have. Remember I love you and you’re my Amiga.
    You have people who love you and who want to read this blog, sometimes they do not say anything but press the like button like me. Smile!


  2. dreya07 says:

    Sometimes its best to take a little break from what we enjoy to do such as writing or blogging but always go back to doing what you love to do! When you blog, create something that’s real and you have. Politics is a biggie right now and if that’s what you feel should be a topic within your post GO FOR IT!!!! I begin poems in my phone and take breaks from them for days at a time then go back to them to finish them so I’m in a new state of mind. But we’re blessed to have our talents which others wished they had so continue on my sistah!

    …be blessed you woke up and healthy! Like the blogger above ^^^^ said others are disabled and wish they had your body so be grateful for what you have and be positive. How we think and feel controls us. I’m learning this as well…keep pushing my love. Muah!



  3. coconutspeak says:

    You has no idea what your words of encouragement mean to me. Thank you so much. Big hug and kiss back atcha!


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