Being There

Posted: October 23, 2012 in America, Children, Life, Men, Politics, Society, women
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As I have mentioned in previous posts, I know what poverty feels like. That said, having limited funds doesn’t necessarily deter happiness. Creativity is the key.

I recall going to a lot of ‘free’ places as a child. My siblings, mother and I use to spend hours at parks, museums and street festivals. My mother kept us involved until we were beat.

When we got home, we were exhausted and slept throughout the night. This was how my mother got her alone time. She also played all kinds of games. Mom was also an expert at pretending.

Ten years ago, I decided to work part time as a nanny for an autistic child. He was lovely. He had his moments of course, but I cared for him very deeply. Sadly, I had to resign.

It wasn’t because of him. His mother was the issue. She was an attorney in Los Angeles and was not willing to make major life adjustments for her special needs son.

Her career was more important than going to therapy twice a week. She flat out told me that she had to work. She was an attorney in L.A. and she thought she had no choices?

My single mother had a legally blind, mildly retarded daughter and two other kids. She managed to take my sister to all her appointments without a car and no babysitter.

She had no choices because she insisted on living in very wealthy neighborhood, driving a Mercedes and pampering her younger unemployed husband.

Why can’t people just choose to live without the bells and whistles, extra frills and pretentious extra ‘stuff’? You’ll find that life is less expensive that way.

Less expensive life, means not climbing any ladders. The only thing you should be climbing is a rock wall with you kids!


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