I’ve been hearing lately a term called ‘forcible rape’. As a rational woman, I find the term absurd. It’s like saying ‘wet water’. All water is wet and all rape is forced.

Then I thought about certain scenarios and wondered if men (or even women) considered them rape, sexual assault, sexual misconduct or none of the above.

If two consenting adults are having intercourse and one of them says stop and the other doesn’t, was does that constitute?

If a husband grabs his wife’s crotch and doesn’t let go after she says stop, what do we call that?

When anyone (male or female) is mentally and/or physically incapacitated and someone has sex with him or her, is that okay?

After my brother was born, my mother was told by her doctor to abstain from sex for 6 weeks so her body could heal.  That didn’t stop my father from trying to get some.

My mother asked her Catholic priest to talk to my father. The priest said he would, but warned that according to church doctrine she was not allowed to deny her husband!

I think it boils down to respect and power. Are your needs and wants more important than your target? Do you need to dominate another human being in order to feel fulfilled?


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