There are things about America that I don’t care for or that I loathe. I’ve voiced those opinions plenty of times. Right now, I want to list what I love about America.

1. Love that I can get some high quality Japanese cuisine made by Mexicans!

2. Love that I can attend an all-female Muslim birthday party and see girls in heels, party dresses and make-up. No hijab (scarf).

3. Glad that our young protect each other through anti-bullying programs in school.

4. Glad that psycho parents are getting ejected from little league sporting events.

5. Glad we have cities with European influence, i.e. New Orleans, New York and Chicago.

6. Love that you can lose everything and strangers will give all.

7. Love that U.S. citizens and immigrants alike are willing to save others at the risk of their own lives.

8. Love that Americans are capable of change and break free from their narrow-minded ways.

9. Love how all the races, cultures and sexual orientations can marry in public display. A few states, yes. We’re working on it.

10. I love that everyone has the right to say anything they want. We can vote, protest and disagree.



  1. Doris says:

    Right on spo on all of them. I love number one, oh so true, and so delisioso (like the comercial).


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