Exercise – Don’t Strain The Old Brain

Posted: October 18, 2012 in Life, Love, Men, Society, women
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So here’s a challenge in self discovery. I will post the questions and answer them for myself . Please respond (if you want) to the questions in reply comments.

1. What plant and/or flower best describes your personality?   Moss – it clings to trees, stones and thrives in mist

2. What’s in your refrigerator right now?   Milk, eggs, flour tortillas, veggies, chorizo, Smart Balance margarine

3. What is your dream job?   I’m living the dream. I’m a good man’s wife and I write.

4. Do people like you or do they fear you?   Like me.

5. Are you worth saving?   Yes.

6. Do you live with regret?   Yes.

7. Have you ever committed a crime?   Yes.

8. Would you lie if it served a greater good?   Yes, but I would rarely do it.

9. Is there anything you can’t forgive? If yes, what is it.   Yes, crimes against children

10. Are there conditions to your love?   No

This exercise was difficult for me. I really had to think about it. Good luck fellow bloggers!

  1. 1. Geranium. Under appreciated, but beautiful in its own way…
    2. I had to look…milk, water, and a roast in tupperware that I am pretty sure has been there since easter…I should probably take care of that…
    3. Since it’s my dream, can I just win the lottery? If not, then writer or artist.
    4. Like me…so much that they are afraid of how much they like me. 🙂
    5. I hope so.
    6. Every single second of every single day.
    7. One time I accidentally stole a keychain…it was in my hand when I went through the checkout and I completely forgot about it. I went back in and tried to pay for it and the cashier was like, oh, don’t worry about it and wouldn’t let me pay! It drives me crazy to this day… I want to go hide two dollars in the store, just so I can let it go.
    8. I would lie even if it didn’t serve the greater good…it’s something I really hate about myself, but I am a great liar.
    9. Yes. I totally agree with what you said, anything bad done to children, but would like to extend it by saying crimes against anyone who can’t protect themselves.
    10. I don’t know if this is a condition, but if I love you and you do something insanely stupid and mess it up, then I don’t forgive easily (or ever…). So I guess I do have one condition…don’t screw it up.


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