Not Pro-Babies, Just Anti-Abortion

Posted: October 16, 2012 in Children, Life, Men, Politics, sex, Society, women
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I’d like to ask the right-wing Republicans and Tea Party drones some questions. If you’re against abortions, why won’t you care for children? Why do you have recreational sex?

Why don’t you stay virgins until you’re married? Why don’t you severely ostracize the men and boys that abandon their pregnant bed mates?

You know how to demonize gays, black people and Muslims. Why won’t you do the same for the makers of  unhappy children? Why not support legislation to severely punish absent fathers.

If a girl tells the father she’s pregnant and he says he loves her, will marry her and take care of her and the baby, that girl will not consider abortion at all. Sad part is, it rarely happens that way.

Girls get or want abortions for the following reasons:

1. It has been made clear to them that they are flying solo on this endeavor.

2. They’re not sure who the father is and don’t need the hassle of explaining that to anyone.

3.  Their pregnancy is a product of rape or incest.

You’re willing to spend thousands on beer, guns, NASCAR and Harley’s, but not  on innocent kids. You’re willing to have unwanted babies, but not hold  society accountable.

When a girl gets pregnant , it’s not a happy reaction in the beginning. It’s a problem. How many people failed her? How many times will she fail that baby?

  1. We do severely ostracize men/boys that abandon their pregnant mate. Do that in the Marine Corps, an overtly conservative culture, and see what happens. Why is it that states will ban the death penalty, but not abortion? Makes no sense to me. Rape and incest aside, I don’t want my money paying for someone else’s sexual irresponsibility.


    • coconutspeak says:

      Sadly, not all men/boy are in the Marine Corp. What do you do with those under 18 years-old. And Republicans don’t just want taxpayers not to pay it, they want to overturn Roe V Wade and make abortion illegal.


  2. I think it should be. I don’t have an informed opinion on pregnancy resulting from rape and incest, but my emotions are guiding me to no abortions at all.


    • coconutspeak says:

      We wouldn’t need abortions if boys would just stop trying to act like men and screw everything that moves. How about men acting like men and try to raise their children? Why do you think girls have sex way too young? They’re looking for love that Daddy didn’t give them. So it’s okay to tell a woman what to do with her body? If that’s the case, men should be castrated for fucking around and fathering too many babies. That’s fair, right?


      • I’m not telling you what to do with your body, I’m telling you what you shouldn’t do to another’s body (the innocent child). Out of the two genders, only one of us can get pregnant. Rape and incest aside, if you have risky sex, you’re going to pay the consequences.


  3. Benjamin Wendell says:

    The righties are very protective of all life…as long as it’s in utero. Once you’re out and sucking oxygen, you’re pretty much free game. Get sick? No insurance? Sorry, you’re gonna die. Thou shalt not kill? Well, unless we start another war, then we need you to shoot as many of those godless sand dwellers as possible. And if you get killed in the process, god bless you, you’re a hero.


  4. Bill Hayes says:

    I think that this is less a case of protecting the unborn child and more protecting the unfulfilled sperm. If you don’t have a vagina, then it’s none of your business. Simple.


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