I have a message for the Romney-Ryan campaign. I’m sure that they don’t care at all to hear it. Maybe someone who wants to vote GOP will hear it and change their mind.

My Mexican mother came to this country legally with a green card. She married a man who gambled and was a drunk. He abandoned her with a newborn and two toddlers.

My newborn sister (an American citizen) would have died from a head injury if it wasn’t for Medi-Cal. She got the best care from caring doctors. The hospital treated my mother like a human being.

My mother worked 3 jobs, received food stamps, Medi-Cal and  a little more than $200 per month from the state. The day she got off welfare was the happiest day of her life.

I remember it. She worked as a waitress, had insurance for all of us and rented a small cottage. We were obviously poor. My sister Carmen is legally blind.

She has received Social Security benefits all her life. My mother is retired and get her benefits as well. I am disabled due to my mental illness and receive disability benefits as well.

My mother worked over 40 years. I worked nearly 30 years. Last year, I volunteered to visit hospice patients 3 times per week. My mother is an active member of her church.

She attends charge conferences and is member of The United Methodist Women’s Group. In my opinion, all three of us deserve the benefits we get. My father, before he left, worked for Carmen’s money.

By the way, my mother became a U.S. citizen 28 years ago. She did it because she wanted to vote a racist out of office. Carmen has worked for Goodwill stores and hotel chains doing laundry.

We are all Latina’s. We know what poverty feels like. We know how to give to society. We matter just as much as any other American. Are we pieces of shit because we used taxpayer money?

All of us have contributed to society, in one way or another. My welfare mother was never lazy. She had 3 jobs to support her family.

I use to get up in the middle of the night to help her clean our church. I volunteered to help at the senior center she worked at for several years.

If we don’t matter because we used taxpayer programs, then nobody matters. We know what it’s like to give when you have nothing. Can all conservatives say that?

  1. I think there’s a difference between your history and who the majority of conservatives are angry at. I agree that social welfare programs should exist, but I have yet to be able to formulate a solution to reforming social welfare programs so that they aren’t excessive in cost vs benefit to those who need it. What angers me is seeing a woman in food lion in front of me with an iPhone 4, 2 kids who don’t listen to her regardless of the fact that she is yelling at them, purchasing steaks with food stamps and getting into an Escilade with nice, chrome, after-market rims (I wouldn’t purchase them, but they are expensive), and a stereo system. I was an active duty Marine for 8 years, deployed for over 1 year of my life, and now work in a support role to active duty Marines and Sailors, and I live paycheck to paycheck to keep the power on, food on the table, running water, and gas in the tank. We don’t get to have steaks and fun nights out. How is that right, that my family sacrifices our health and time together so someone else can game the system? It isn’t, but every time a conservative candidate talks about reforming social welfare, a liberal candidate makes it seem as if conservatives think everyone on welfare is lazy and good-for-nothing.


    • coconutspeak says:

      I agree that there are those who abuse the welfare system. And trust me, I loathe them as much as you do. Prosecute those true moochers to the fullest extent of the law. I am the first to say that I have nothing but respect for members of the armed forces. You guys don’t get paid enough for the huge sacrifice you and your family have made. My contention is, when will conservatives fight for people like me and my family? Or even mention them in front of wealthy donors?


      • I can’t speak for the wealthy, but for the core of the middle class, most of us understand your plight and bob in the economic ocean between where you were and where we are.
        As a side note, I hope you don’t think my posts too aggressive or personally biased, I enjoy being able to read informed opinions that I may not agree with on political issue, in addition to being able to discuss the issue civilly.


  2. coconutspeak says:

    Instead of being angry, conservatives need to show compassion for the poor. All my life, Republicans have publicly and privately belittled people such as myself and my family. That’s a fact. I and mother have been called beaner, wet back, smelly, the help and Spics. I’m not saying all conservatives are racists or anti-poor. I’m saying I blatently see their distain for my people in the Tea Party and GOP. I don’t see it in liberals. Liberals have always been for the disenfranchized.


  3. coconutspeak says:

    I have tried to explain why I am liberal Democrat. I have given you examples of my life experience. I have spoken about the lack of compassion for the poor and people of color. You seem to have a very altered reality from mine. The war against my people has been going on for over 100 years. My people have picked your vegetables and fruit, made your clothes in sweat shops, cleaned your homes, cared for white children, tended your lawns and gardens, layed brick, put up dry wall and have died wearing the uniform. If you don’t see that, then your blind.


  4. syrbal says:

    Actually, the whipped up masses of the Republican Right likes to trot out the story of the “welfare queen” as evoked by St. Ronnie Reagan. They neglect to mention that he spoke of ONE woman who managed to defraud the government of a mere $8000 before going to jail for it. This is not at all the portrait of the average woman receiving welfare benefits or food support for her children.

    And Pillars of the Earth? Obama is not the one waging war on the ‘white’ middle class…the Republicans began that long ago with union busting to make sure they could pay “whitey” as little as they paid blacks, Hispanics, and immigrants. And they keep you fighting to keep YOURSELF embattled by aiming you at your co-workers in America based on racial straw man arguments. You are being deceived about the real enemy.


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